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The beauty of a website, like any piece of art, is in the emotion it evokes, in how it makes us feel. There is no power in a story, only in its telling. Only when we let down our guards, when we show ourselves, and share our hearts, do we truly connect.

I’ve come to believe that our many facets are exquisitely intertwined. That we can be both soft and strong, both joyous and heavy-hearted. We are both masterpieces and works in progress. Let's embrace our endlessly-evolving versions. Let's be bold! Let’s tell our stories with passion, and authenticity. We'll dare to be seen! We'll do it together, bestie.

i design custom, soul-aligned websites for spiritual & wellness teachers & seekers,  


Hi, I'm Sadie Melia!

Hi, I'm Sadie Melia!

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“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued” 
— Brené Brown

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